Protecting birds and their habitats

Black Skimmers Photo: Dan Ion/Audubon Photography Awards

For more than a century Audubon has protected birds and their habitat for the benefit of humanity, as well as the earth’s biodiversity. Our legacy is built on science, education, advocacy, and on-the-ground conservation. We bring all of this together through our unparalleled network. This combination of expertise and on-the-ground engagement makes Audubon a truly unique and trusted force for conservation.

Audubon Mississippi concentrates its conservation efforts on five key strategies state wide. These include: Building Bird Friendly Communities, Coasts, Climate, Working Lands and Water. Our mission is more urgent today than ever before. Natural habitat and open spaces are disappearing at an alarming rate. Protections for wildlife, natural places, and clean air and water are in jeopardy. By protecting birds, we’re also safeguarding the Western hemisphere's great natural heritage for future generations, preserving our shared quality of life and fostering a healthier environment for us all.

Audubon Mississippi Conservation Work

How you can help, right now

Audubon Arkansas, Audubon Louisiana, and Audubon Mississippi have joined forces to become Audubon Delta.